Shop Mobile More Submit  Join Login's been a while since my last journal entry. Well, I just bought Thomas Holtz and Luis Rey's Book "Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-To-Date Encyclopedia For Dinosaur Lovers Of All Ages" and let me tell you...IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!

After careful examination of some (more) of Rey's finest art I decided to start an exciting and ENORMOUS project.

SAUROPODS! I'll draw from their more humble origins from Isanosaurus and Antetonitrus, to the massive chinese early and mid Jurassic species to the highly advance titanosaurs in a plate like arrangement (although I'll make them available individually as well!)...I'll skip diplodocoids, and macronarians that are not titanosaurs...

Some species include (and some of them already done or sketched out...)

Blikanasaurus, Isanosaurus, Antetonitrus and Kotasaurus will constitute plate nº1

"Omeisaurus" tianfuensis, Chanjiesaurus anaensis, Mamenchisaurus youngi and Mamenchisaurus constructus, Euhelopus zdanskyi, Klamelisaurus gobiensis will constitute plate nº 2

Malawisaurus dixeyi, Paralititan stromeri, Argentinosaurus huinculensis will constitute plate nº 3

It will take me forever but I think I can pull it through. All will be made using mixed media (since I still don't own a digital plate) and in A3 format!!!!!!!!!

For a sneak preview here goes a Chanjiesaurus anaensis, a 25 meter long species form China. The poor quality is because it's actually a photograph of the board. Anyway here goes...…

If you have any comment or sugestion please feel free to drop me a note.

TehFuzzyDuck Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
My review of the essential book: By far the BEST dinosaur book I have ever read. This is not just some kids book or some lame A-to-Z encyclopedia. It's a genuine scientific book. It's nearly perfect in its text, which is informative and detailed, covering all of known dinosauria (all 800+ genera!) and the history of their discoveries and the natural histories of these magnificent ancient creatures. The artwork by Luis V. Rey is gorgeous, adding such vibrant life to these animals in a new way for the 21st century. It's accessible reading for non-paleontologists and paleobiologists (professionals and wannabes alike) without dumbing itself down. It was just released last month (October), and even then it was adding the newest discoveries. This book has got it all: it's enthusiastic, attractive, intelligent, and covers everything, while still keeping in mind that the future will hold even more exciting discoveries. I've never been so close to completely satisfied with a book on dinosaurs before. But this is the ultimate dinosaur book. I am proud to have this reference in my collection.

And I can't wait to see more of your artwork. :)
Sphenacodon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
Wow, what an undertaking! Good luck on you project. Sauropods need a serious PR boost.
EmperorDinobot Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
I'm beating you to it :giggle:

No, really, you should go ahead. Not many people draw Sauropods these days. More sauropod drawings are needed. These are truly some of the most puzzling animals ever. And they've been treated unfairly since Cetiosaurus. It's time to change that perception!
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